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Since 2012, Hoarders Express has been part of the BILLION-dollar waste removal business… with a twist!

OUR MISSION: To provide compassionate, caring, and non-judgmental decluttering/organizing services in homes or businesses. 

OUR STAFF: Experienced, thoughtful, honest and organized, handling any situation large or small.  

OUR FOCUS: Hoarding is a newly diagnosed symptoms of an obsessive-compulsive disorder which our company focuses on.  

OUR CLIENTS: You do not need to be a hoarder or cluttered to use our services.


Embrace the Opportunity to Make a Difference

Our Program Empowers You to:

Multiple streams of income 
Be your own boss 
Spend more time with family
Generate additional income
Maintain current occupation
Add additional services to your MLM portfolio

Take back your time
Work smarter, instead of harder
Set your own hours 


BE A SOLO STAR  Quick Money. No Team Needed


$50 Appreciation Gift after Registration



  • $99 Sign-up, T-Shirt, Marketing Materials (1,000 postcards, presentation, car magnets, 23 target groups), Hands-on Training 
  • Earn $175 per completed job*
  • 40% for referral and assessment
  • Earn $50 to $110 per completed assessment
  • 5% of completed jobs
  • Earn add'l $125 average 


  • Assessor ($75 per client)
  • Decluttering Crew ($11 to $20/hr)
  • Driver/Crew ($12 to $21/hr)
  • Direct Marketing (per project)
  • Marketing Assistant ($12 to $20/hr)
  • Secretary ($12 to $20/hr)
  • Presenter ($75, signup bonuses)
  • Exhibit Presenter (per exhibit) 

EMPIRE BUILDER  Quick Money. Grow your Team


  • $5,000 Sign-up, T-Shirt, Long, and Hoodie. Marketing Materials (1,000 postcards, presentation, car magnets, 23 target groups)Hands-on Training, Staff development, Create your territory, Hire your staff, Get paid to do the work! 
  • Earn $330 per completed job*
  • 45% for referral and assessmentEarn $79 to $124 per completed assessment10% of completed jobsEarn addl. $250 averageEarn $20/hr to do the work 


  • Grow your commission potential. Bring on some friends! 
  • $50 per person (after 2nd fee paid) 5% of completed jobs 


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