Apartment Complexes

In addition to organizing, we can provide and / or prevent:

  • Rent ability of property
  • Fire Hazards
  • Falling debris
  • Health & Welfare of
  • Employees and Tenants
  • Bugs/Insects/Rodents
  • Eliminates Smells
  • Underlying Health Issue
  • Add to your vendors/referral list
  • Local Code Enforcement compliance

Hoarder Express is a service utilized by many people for various reasons, relatives, time, and health to name a few. We have the ability to clean up any type of environment big or small in a timely fashion. Most jobs can be started and performed to completion in just one day! As a Property Manager, I am sure your staff has seen everything! Hoarders Express covers the Tri-State area. We are committed to providing quality organization, cleaning and removal services. As we know you cannot always choose your clients, you may be able to choose a "Helping Hand" for them.