With a consultation, information is given that you can use in order to be educated on how to better organize the home and how to make your living situation better. You will even be informed on the resources that are available.

With a consultation, you are receiving expert advice from a professional, just as you would when you send out for plumbers, heater repairs, doctors, and repair professionals. All of a base charge and we have a flat rate for coming out as well.

Get educated and assistance as well as 100% of the Assessment Fee credited to the job if you decide to move forward with Hoarders Express!

Consultations (I Need Help)

What's the difference between a consultation and an estimate?

We provide many different services to you and your family to help you get through this process. 

With a consultation, you will have a specialist go over ideas for storage, shelving, and cleaning as well as strategies  with organizing with containers, shredding and what our focus is. 

A consultation is between $175 and $250 and with this you get a FREE estimate. *100% of the Consultation fee can be credited to 
Hoarders/Clutterers Express services.


An estimate is a rough calculation or guess that notifies you either verbally or by documentation, of how much it will cost to clean your home. An estimate does not necessarily have to be done by a professional, though Hoarders Express send out those who are very familiar with the field, and are usually used to help judge and form an opinion of the value of the job.