Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What are the types of hoarders?


    There are various type of hoarders. Some types of hoarders include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • open food items and/or clothing hoarding
  • animal hoarding
  • clean hoarding (excessive amount of items)
  • collector
  • organized
  • disorganized
  • shopping
  • downsized (from 4BR house to 3BR apt.)
  • automotive
  • outdoor personal property

What does hoarding cleanup cost?
    The cost of hoarding cleanup services can vary drastically from client to client.  Hoarders Express will provide you with a free estimate and on site evaluation.  We will explain in detail what services will be performed and what the charges for those services will be, as well as an estimate of how long the project will take.


What items do you take away?


    Hoarders Express will remove most items, including Furniture, Appliances, Household Items (both large and small), and Clothing.


When can you provide an on-site evaluation?

    Hoarders Express can usually provide an on-site evaluation within 24 hours, if necessary.  Evening and weekend appointments are available, and we will work with your schedule.

In what areas do you provide services?

    Our home office is in New Jersey, and we make personal on-site estimates in various areas.

Is Hoarders Express in the organizing and cleaning business?

    No, we are not.  Hoarders Express is in the business of managing the restoration process for homes and apartments that have been neglected, cluttered, or have in some other way became uninhabitable due to a flood, fire or wind storm.

What are the dangers of hoarding?


    There are many dangers associated with moderate to severe hoarding, including fire, air quality, mold and bacteria.

Is Hoarders Express licensed and insured?


    Yes.  Hoarders Express is fully licensed and fully insured.