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"Everybody Knows a Hoarder"


We partner with local and statewide exterminating companies to create a one stop company.   We prepare the location for extermination services, and we make all ready in accordance with the exterminator's requirements. 

Here are some services that we offer:

Phase I - Preparation for Extermination

"Bed Bug Prep"

•  We Provide All Equipment

•  We Remove Face Plates on Electrical Outlets 

•  We Remove All Infested Items and Furniture

•  We Seal and Arrange Items to Exterminator Specifications

   for Decontamination in 3 mm Bags

•  We Arrange Furniture 
   to Exterminator Specifications

•  We Vacuum the Carpeting

•  We do Laundry (Wash/Dry, Not Fold)

•  We Provide Dry Cleaning

•  We Remove Pictures, Clocks, Mirrors, and Other
    Wall Decorations as Required by Exterminator

For an additional charge, we also offer:

Phase II - Post Treatment 
"Putting Things Back"

. . . And All Per Exterminator's Specifications!


•  ReHang Pictures

• Rearrange Furniture 

• Replace Face Plates on Electrical Outlets

• Deliver Dry Cleaning

• And More!

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